My experiences in Amsterdam, the first leg of our travels through Europe (29/09 - 05/10), from trips around the city to an altogether different sort of trip.


The Perfect Pie

This is a poem I've written inspired by body positivity. My relationship with body image is really up and down, one day I won't even want to go outside because I hate the way I look, and other days I'm strutting down the street like I own it! But the last few days I've been feeling generally positive, and the idea for this poem came into my head after hearing the saying "having a slice" in regards to a person. I quite liked the symbolism, because it not only shows how we objectify people as if they were just food, but also because fat people are always associated with food! Please let me know what you think!

Writer of the Week — inkbiotic

I've decided to add a new feature to the blog: my favourite writer of the week. This could be anything, from an intriguing political view I've been taken in by, to a fascinating sci-fi short story or heart-wrenching poem! It's so important to support other people's work, so I'd encourage you to have a read. Warning, this week's chosen short story contains adult content concerning: - Mental Health - Suicide Please take this into consideration before reading this post.

Movie Review: To the Bone

After watching the controversial 'To the Bone' I decided I'd like to do a review on it. The movie has had a lot of bad reviews, but I wanted to take a more balanced view and explore the negatives and redeeming qualities of the film. In advance I would like to say that this film is definitely not for everyone, and contains many upsetting scenes and depictions of eating disorders, so approach watching the film and reading about it with care. Especially if you feel you may be likely to be affected by it personally. Note: This review may contain a few spoilers.

Why are you like this?

We all have our bad qualities, and I openly admit to mine. I can be lazy, sometimes selfish and thoughtless, I don't stick to plans that I make and I am almost always late. 'Why are you like this?' may seem to some like a list of excuses, but that is not the case. These were all qualities I had before I started to suffer from mental illness. But back then, they were not my most prominent qualities. I was kind and compassionate more days than I was selfish. I was more outgoing, and had the motivation to live and love and face my fears. Depression is a dark cloud, with no explanation, no reason, only a purpose; It works to bring out the bad and suppress the good. But sometimes, the darker moments, all of this is not easy to put into words. So this poem serves to answer the questions that I get asked, for the times when I have no words.